1. Miss Jody's Thanksgiving Dinner
    Downieville, benefiting the Western Sierra Food Bank, Dinner from 1PM to 4PM Donations are needed and accepted at the Downieville grocery store and Sierra City Country store. Volunteers are also needed to help set up, cook and serve. Contact Liz Fisher 530-289-3632 or Ann Hutchinson 530-862-1052 for more information.
    November 23
  2. Thanksgiving Dinner
    Loyalton, Free Thanksgiving dinner at the Loyalton Senion Center @ 3PM Call 530-993-4770 for more information
    November 23
  3. Holiday Show
    Downieville, School and holiday show & baked goods auction. 5PM Yuba theater in Downieville call 530-289-3473
    December 2
  4. Holiday on Main
    Downieville, main street and craft show. Free ride with Santa on a fire engine! Christmas music, food and local shopping benefiting Downieville Fire department. Contacct Kathy Whitlow 530-289-3126 for more information.
    December 2
  5. Children's Christmas Party
    Sierra City, Children's Potluck and Party at the Sierra City Community Hall. 6PM Call 530-862-1347 for more information
    December 16
  6. Burning Tree Festival
    Downieville, Join us for a good ole fashioned bonfire, complete with roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. Bring your discarded Christmas trees for the burn pile. Call Cherry Simi at 530-862-3659 for more information.
    January 13 or 14 TBD
  7. Crab Feed!
    Sierra City, Sponsored by the Sierra City Fire Auxiliary. Call 530-862-1580 for more information.
    January 20
  8. Cabin Fever
    Spaghetti Feed, Downieville Community Hall
    February 17
  9. Chili Cookoff!
    The annual Chili cookoff atop Yuba Pass. 530-289-3262 for more information
    March 03